Monday, July 28, 2014

Unlawful Loitering In Pigtown

As Seen in Pigtown, Baltimore

I love the city.
Kind of.
It scares me, fascinates me, draws me in, and pushes me away all at the same time.
I wish I could spend every day there just walking around and photographing 
the sites and people in their natural environment and then 
return home to the country each evening where I feel grounded.
When I go into the city, I feel electric with excitement...
all the visual stimulus of what it has to offer.

I find the people immensely interesting
and I wish I had the guts to approach them without fear.
This is where I think if I were a guy I would feel much safer
walking around with my camera;
it is the only time I feel my gender holds me back from doing what I want to do.
Actually, it isn't my gender that holds me back with fear,
it is my own sense of vulnerability I feel walking in the city streets alone
as a woman that scares me.
It makes me sad, because I would love to feel comfortable in the city.

Growing up in the suburbs it was pounded into me that the city is a dangerous,
mean place where horrible things happen...especially in "those" neighborhoods
and especially in Baltimore.
I have never really gotten over that childhood fear
and I wish I could.

I took this image as a passenger in a car while driving through Pigtown
using my iPhone...with the window up, lol.
I had never been in this part of the city before.
I didn't even know why they called it "Pigtown"
until I came home and googled it.
I guessed why when I saw the large brick buildings, the train tracks, and the 
Pigtown signs that showed a pig diagram with butcher marks on it,
but I didn't know for sure until I read the Wikepedia article about it.
I was happy to see my deduction was correct...this is where the pigs
were unloaded from the trains to be walked 
through the streets to the butchering shops.

Today I am thankful for the time I spent with family yesterday
eating Maryland crabs and teaching my little ones how to pick their own crabs.
I do love Maryland for all the diversity it offers...
the city, the country, and of course, Maryland Crabs covered in Old Bay.

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