Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Diversity on the Corner

Street Photography in Baltimore City
The differences in these three women caught my eye.
(Body type, body position, activity, race...yet they were all sharing a common experience on that corner)
I'm weird.
I love getting the mail.
Most adults hate getting the mail because now days it is 
just a bunch of junk or a pile of bills.
As I walked down to the bottom of my driveway to greet my little ones off the bus,
I opened my mailbox not expecting to find anything but a few 
fall catalogs and maybe some junk mail flyers.
I was surprised when I found a large white package addressed to me.

I had not ordered anything recently...what in the world could this be?

I checked the return address...it was from a friend of mine whom I have know since college
and who has also been going through some medical difficulties recently.
Now my interest was piqued.
What could be in this package?

I didn't even wait to get back up to the house...
I tore open the package to find a heartwarming gift inside.
My dear friend had sent me a handwritten note card 
(LOVE handwritten note cards!)
with a message of love and kindness inside.
Also, she included a book called Jesus Today
written by Sarah Young, an author who has suffered through Lyme disease
and who called upon her faith to get her through the difficult, painful time.
My friend explained that she used this book to help her keep hope 
during her own difficult journey and she wanted to share it with me.

I was and am so very touched that she took the time and effort 
to send this beautiful book to me.
While she knows I am not religious,
she knows I am immensely spiritual and have a close relationship with God.
For her to care enough about me to send this book of hope,
is so touching to me.
Thank you, my dear friend.
I will read one devotional a day, and pray each day for continued hope in healing,
not only for myself, but also for the many others 
that suffer from this (and other) debilitating disease.
I will pass your kindness forward and know it will come back to you ten-fold.
For this act of kindness from a friend, I am thankful today.

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  1. Just the best. I love, love, love good mail! And hand-written anything! This encourages me to get a stack of cards I've been meaning to get to IN THE MAIL!


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