Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lyme Update- November 2014

A brief update for November 2014

Despite treatment, my immune system numbers continue to drop putting me at risk for getting ill from other bacteria and viruses.  Further blood work has been completed, discovering that I have both Bartonella and Ehrlichia (HGE) co-infections.  In addition, I tested positive for  C.pneumoniae, which is a bacterial infection that causes bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinusitus (not related to the tick bite but is also an intracellular bacteria).

To complicate the new discoveries, the treatments that are most commonly prescribed to beat these nasty bacteria, I am allergic to.  So, I stay the course with what I am doing, and my doctors are searching for alternate treatment options for me.  Basically I am cesspool of nasty bacteria with a depleted immune system that is not fighting them off.  After being treated for 3 months and completely changing my eating habits (I have lost 25lbs to date), it is frustrating not to see as much progress as I'd like in my blood work.  Hopefully the next update I post will bring better news.

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