Friday, November 7, 2014

Time Change

Local restaurant illuminated by my headlights as darkness falls much earlier now

Just as the time has been set back an hour and the days are shorter, the cold nights longer,
my progress has been set back as well.  One baby step forward and five giant leaps backward.
To be honest, as my absence has probably shown here, I have been struggling physically and emotionally with this.  I am hoping it is a phase and I can pop out of it at any moment.

There are still things I am very grateful for despite my piss poor attitude.  My oldest daughter earned her high school letter for academic achievement in her freshman year.  As she nears the end of first quarter of her sophomore year, she is continuing to hold a high GPA and strives for excellence.  In addition, her U16 soccer team won the championship for their league in three hard fought games.  Her team was undefeated and didn't let an opponent score on them the entire season!  So proud of her and her accomplishments.

I am also very proud of my oldest son who was not content with the hours he was getting at his job and went in search of an additional job.  He used his resources to land a better job and is now working at a very nice restaurant in Bel Air.  I love that he is motivated to earn and save his own money and that he had the gumption to change his situation when he wasn't happy with it.  Very proud of him as well.

And of course, there are my twins, who make me smile every day.  I just had conferences with their teachers and they are both adjusting well and making great progress in first grade.  They have completed a successful year in clinic soccer, having learned so much about the sport.  They will both begin basketball next week!

I will let these happy moments sweep me through these latest set backs (I'll update the Lyme page soon) and hopefully I will be leaping forward again soon.

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  1. The doctor and nutritionist I'm working with are helping me so so so so much with this patience thing. I have never in my life dealt with physical challenge well, and I am not in any way an 'in it for the long haul' kinda gal when it comes to health and wellness. Well, until now. I want you to know I pray for you every day - cause I feel we're on the same 'wellness' journey - in the sense of radical changes to diet, schedule etc..... I'm facing these mountains without the additional hurdle of to say my heart is with you is an understatement! I'm trying to 'learn my body' and listen to my body....which is so extremely different from any way I've ever treated myself. The doubts, fears, struggles....they all creeeeeep in every day. I read a great quote the other day .... which I have now spent 20 minutes looking for... that said something about living that day in the body you woke up in. I'm learning that my body isn't the same each day - and that's not a signal to judge whether that's better/worse - but rather a chance to accept myself today, as I am and do the best with that. Hard for me....cause I'm pretty harsh with myself. Anyhow - sending HUGS to you!


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