Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fly Away From Here

Yesterday, after a real estate shoot, I stopped by a nearby park to highlight the fact it was so close to the home that is going up for sale.  While I was there, I walked a short way down a walking path and was awed at that amount and variety of birds swarming the area.  Disappointment ensued when I realized I didn't have any other lens besides my 24-70mm with would I ever get close enough to snag a good picture of these feathered friends?  I had left my heavy 100-400mm home since I didn't anticipate needing it on a real estate job!  Darn it!

Well, these birds were pretty used to people because they let me fairly close to them.  This little one let me right to the border of the path before decided enough was enough and he took off further back into the reeds.  Let me tell you...I have plans to head back to that spot very soon armed and ready with my 100-400mm!

Please say a quick prayer for me today as I am struggling to get well from a head cold that started over a week ago.  Now my left ear is completely filled with fluid and the cold has migrated to my chest.  With my immune system so depleted from fighting Lyme and the co-infections, this could be a dangerous situation for me.  I am heading to the doctor this afternoon, but I could use some prayers for getting well.  All I want to do is fly away from away from the cold, this body, the stress, everything.  I want to take flight like my friend here and just go...

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