Monday, January 19, 2015

Headstone Hunting

Sunset at a Pennsylvania cemetery where I was taking headstone pictures as a FindAGrave volunteer

Recently I have been doing some in-depth research into my genealogy.  It's always good to know where you come from and know the stock of people that created your lineage, don't you think?  I have made some really interesting discoveries...for instance, I found out I am related to Johnny
Depp.  Yep...I will be expecting my invitation to his next premier soon.  Haha! 

I also found out that one of my relatives made a quilt and sent it to FDR while he was president of the United States.  He accepted the quilt and during his presidency it hung in the Smithsonian Institute.  Pretty awesome...if you are interested, you can see the quilt here.

Mostly I haven't had any mind blowing discoveries but have determined that I basically come from a long line of farmers, coal miners, and railroad workers from the Kentucky/West Virginia area.  I have discovered some pictures that very distant cousins have put on so I've actually gotten to see some of their faces!

In addition to, I've been using another site called to locate the cemeteries and headstones of my family members who have passed on.  Some of my ancestors did not have headstone pictures on the website, so I put in a request for a picture to be taken for a few.  About a week later, a volunteer from the website went out to the cemetery and took my requested photos!  I was so excited and thankful!  So, in return, I decided that I could give back by being a volunteer photographer as well.   It will be a nice way to give back to others doing research on their families.

I found a request for pictures not too far from me at a church in Pennsylvania.  I felt up to it today, so off I went to locate the two requested headstones.  It was a treasure hunt, but it felt great when I finally located the headstones and was able to successfully deliver the pictures to the person who requested them. 

It feels good to get out for a bit and to give back to the genealogy community.  I'm looking forward to doing some more headstone hunting in the future!

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