Monday, April 13, 2015


"We are all butterflies.  Earth is our chrysalis."
~LeeAnn Taylor

So many exciting things are happening lately and spring is beginning to green things up a bit, that I was compelled to create this piece, Metamorphosis.  Lately, as I have started to feel better, and as the sun is getting warmer and warmer healing my deep aches, I have felt like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, proudly displaying my wings and launching into the world with fervor.  So many exciting things are happening just before our eyes, new growth poking through the soil, trees waking and beginning to bud, birds returning to set up house and nurture their young into adults, the sun edging ever closer to the earth, and children getting restless spring fever in school.

Even in my professional life I feel an emergence of sorts.  April has been exciting with the publication of my work in Baltimore Magazine, showing work in a new gallery, doing my first interview with a local paper, and being offered a solo feature show at a gallery in October (more about this later).  I've even been very busy with real estate shoots as the spring market gets into full swing.  I am so thankful for each and every person who has made it possible for me to feel this level of success.  I see my career going up the path that I've longed for it to go for a long time and I feel such a deep sense of gratitude and excitement about the future.

Even in my personal life major changes are happening.  Sometimes all of this at once is overwhelming and all I can do is just hold on for the ride.  My son is graduating high school, my daughter is turning 16 and learning to drive, and I am considering a major life change over the summer that I am not quite ready to talk about, but thoughts of it fill my head day in and day out now for weeks.  So much change.  Yes, it is scary, but I am content because I know God has my back and is guiding me gently with whispers in the right direction for me and my family.  I have to trust and let go.  This is what age and illness has taught me.  Trust something larger than myself and let go of the worry.

Here is to hoping that all of you are enjoying the spring and have been well the past week.  Let's all put our hands up in the air and scream with joy and excitement while we see where this twisty-turny roller coaster called life takes us on a ride!

*To see the original vintage image that inspired this piece, please visit Nine Acres Designs on Facebook later today!  Also, I haven't forgotten about reader questions...answers are coming up tomorrow on the blog!

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