Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Letter To My Daughter On Her Sweet Sixteen

*Copyright Dawn Bayer Photography

My Dearest Daughter,

Sixteen years ago you came so gently into this world.  Even in birth you were easy and accommodating. The first time I looked into those big round eyes of yours I could tell you were going to be an old soul. Even in infancy there was a seasoned patience and knowing that you carried in your beautiful eyes. As you've grown into a young woman, those same characteristics, along with your fiery heart, have taken you a long way and have endeared you to many souls. You are a people person without needing to be the center of attention, a voice of reason among extreme attitudes, and a calming force in times of chaos. For all of these reasons I love you with every part of my being.

*Copyright Dawn Bayer Photography

You are the best of me and your father, a perfect blend of goodness. Your drive to make a mark in this world will be fulfilled because you've known from early on you were meant for great things. Your words will one day change this world.  I believe in you and your dreams.  I can't wait to watch your life unfold one success at a time.

*Copyright Dawn Bayer Photography

I love you, my darling girl.  May you always carry my love with you in a pocket deep within your heart. Know how proud I am of you and how much I believe in you.  Change the world, Baby.  I'm waiting here cheering you on!  Happy Sweet Sixteen!  xo


*Photography is not my own...portraits were taken by Dawn Bayer Photogrpahy.  Used with permission.

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