Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Transform Decay Into Something Generative

"It's art that pushes against psychological and social expectations, 
that tries to transform decay into something generative..."
~Jerry Saltz

One of my favorite ways to create is to just scan through elements of media I have and start selecting things and placing it on my digital workspace. I don't necessarily know where I am going or why, but as I select items and move them around, I start to build on a concept that forms slowly, as if I am birthing the piece one mental contraction at a time.

For this piece, it started with color. Something about the warm colors fit my mood, so I just started browsing my media files and selecting pieces that were red, yellow, and orange. I began layering them and moving them until I came up with a visual I was comfortable with. I then tweaked color saturation, and contrast before adding one last layer of texture...a chalk-like texture, and I knew I was finished.

My friend asked me the other day how long it takes me to finish a piece. I had a difficult time answering because some pieces come together and just work very quickly...and by quickly I mean in a few hours. Some take days...sometimes weeks...because I have to walk away from them. I know they aren't finished because they don't FEEL finished although I couldn't verbalize why. I just can feel when a piece is finished and sometimes it can take weeks for me to work with it to figure it out.

I'm getting excited about my solo show coming up on October 2...it for sure will be a great experience. I am not finished matting and framing all of my pieces so it is down to dropping the art off and having it hung! There is something different for a digital artist to see your work in print on beautiful archival, high quality art paper. It makes the color come to life and pop off the page.

Have a fabulous Tuesday.  xo

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