Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Proofing the Spreads

I had a totally surreal moment when I received the magazine spread in an email yesterday for proofing. I have waited for this moment for so be published, not only my art but also my words, in a reputable, beautiful, magazine for art and blogging enthusiasts. I was so excited just seeing the PDF of how the format will look...6 pages filled with words and art that came straight from my heart, telling about my father's death and the diagnosis of my Lyme disease.  

I purposefully left the images of the layout small so you'll have to wait until the winter issue hits the newsstand on November 1st to read it!  I know I will be visiting the bookstore that day and buying several copies! I really wish my father were alive to see this moment. He was always proud of me no matter what, but I would love to share this moment with him. My mom and my family have been my biggest supporters and cheerleaders all along and when a moment presents itself like this one, it makes me happy to make them proud!

The magazine is getting ready to go to print, so they are doing last minute edits. The editor said they may make a few minor tweaks to this layout, but no major things should be changed.  Thanks to everyone who has supported me along this amazing journey. It has been filled with so many sad moments but also joyous moments. So many of you have been there to hold my hand when times were tough and to pat me on the back with words of encouragement when I took leaps of faith. Thank you.

Thank you also, in advance, for coming out to the opening of my art show at The Gallery at 122 Main in Elkton Maryland on Friday, October 2, 2015 from 5PM-8PM. I would be thrilled to greet you and chat with you there! You will see 20+ pieces of my art and photography displayed and a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of my art/photographs will go to the National Capital Lyme Association to support their mission of furthering Lyme (and other tick born illnesses) research, education, support, and advocacy (at both the state and federal levels.) This organization will be on hand at the reception with information, brochures, and a display table helping us get the word out about Lyme to the public! I would LOVE your support! Please pass the word and make a night of it! I would love the opportunity to tell my story and encourage others in their battle against this horrible disease!  If you are unable to attend the event, but would be interested in purchasing a piece of art or making a donation to National Capital Lyme Association, please contact me directly using the contact button on my blog.

Also, head out this Saturday from 11AM-3PM to Arts By the Bay Gallery in beautiful Havre de Grace, Maryland.  I have some pieces showing there and I will be working during that stop in and say hello!

Hugs to all! <3


  1. That is such awesome news Tracey...I am so happy for you. I will be sure to purchase the November copy and get my brag on about our very talented family member. I will be sure to show it to our photo club also. You are really making a name for yourself. Take a bow girl you deserve it.:)

    1. Thanks so much, Janis! That means a lot to me. I've been working hard! If you could spread the word about my art show to benefit Lyme research on October 2, I would very much appreciate it! Sending love!


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