Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bring on the Floods...I've Already Accomplished My Goals

As the time edges closer to tomorrow's opening reception for my October show at The Gallery at 122 Main, I am both excited and humbled. When I started this journey, I had no idea how I could pull it off, how my work would be received, or if it would even remotely accomplish my two main goals...getting my digital artwork out into the world and bringing more awareness to Chronic Lyme Disease. Now, as I am about 12 hours away from the beginning of the reception, I know in my heart that no matter how it ultimately pans out in the end, my two goals have already been accomplished in a way that I could not have predicted.

First, my goal of getting my digital artwork out there...Yes, I have shown in galleries before, but it has always been my photography. I've even had my photos published in magazines. But, this is the first time I will be showing and offering for sale my digital collage paintings, a goal I set for myself about a year ago when I first dabbled in this art form. After much encouragement, I decided it was time to put it out into the world in a physical form rather than just a digital format on a blog and website. I was so thrilled when my giclee original prints came in from the printer and I saw my work for the first time on a medium other than a computer screen. There is something about seeing a digital creation printed on delicious Somerset Velvet art archival paper that can't be represented on screen.

No matter what happens, I have achieved my first goal...getting over my fear of presenting my work to the world. Between this solo show and the magazine article coming out November 1, I have jumped the first hurdle into the world of sharing my work with others.

Secondly, I could not have predicted that even before the opening of the show, I would be successful at getting the word out about Lyme and educating others about this terrible disease. Ever since the news article came out in the Cecil Whig, people have been contacting me and wishing me luck on the show, telling me their Lyme disease stories and thanking me for speaking out on the subject. To hear these other stories of fellow Lyme sufferers is a humbling experience. There are so many people suffering in silence and fear that it just breaks my heart. In order to bring about change, we have to stand together and make NOISE. That is what I wanted to do and that is exactly what is happening, thanks to the media picking up on my story!

So, despite the weather being horrible, despite me being sick all week, and despite a hurricane possibly bearing down on the east coast, I have already accomplished my two main goals! Thank you to all the moving pieces that made this possible...The Gallery at 122 Main, The Cecil Whig, Artful Blogging, my dear friend K (who got the ball rolling and believed in me), and all my friends and family who have spread the word about this event and have supported me in so many ways to make this happen. I am truly thankful and awed by your hearts and kindness.

Now...let's make this show a success!  See you tomorrow night, even if I have to row myself there in a boat!


  1. Hi Tracey,
    I am recovering from Lyme disease and my son who is now 12 is too. We were both misdiagnosed for a very long time. I was bedridden and debilitated for sometime and didn't get a diagnosis until 4 years of being very ill. We are on our way to recovery. Like you, I feel that the awareness of Lyme disease needs to be more prevalent. Thank you for your courage in sharing this very personal exhibit of your journey through Lyme with the world. I wish I could attend. I will be there in spirit. Your work is beautiful. Jennie

    1. Jennie, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop in and leave a comment. This journey has been so difficult but also very rewarding because I have met so many brave fighters of this horrible disease. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son as you fight this fight. I will continue to be "noisy" and try my best to bring light to those hiding in pain and fear. People like you fill me with energy to keep this issue in the forefront. May healing come your way. xo


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