Friday, April 8, 2016

5 Year Adoption Anniversary!

Today is a special day in our family. Five years ago today was the legal adoption of the twins. Our life changed the minute they stepped into it as foster children and they still brighten our lives every single day. To celebrate, I am reposting the blog post I wrote 5 years ago on the morning of the adoption...enjoy!

Originally posted 5 years ago today...

5 years ago today at the courthouse! Our four children

I can't believe we made it here...ADOPTION DAY!
It has been such a long and winding road.
Isn't it amazing how a journey of a thousand miles
starts with one simple baby step?
I still remember the phone call I made
to my dear friend, A, who was the twins' foster mother
before me.

 I remember distinctly the first question I asked her was
"Are you sitting down?"

and the second was:
"What are the chances we will be able to adopt the twins?"

"Slim to none." was her answer.
And then she had a question for me...
"Are you crazy?"

She didn't ask me that question because 
there was anything wrong with the twins...
she was asking because I had a 12 and 10 year old
at the time and this would be starting all. over. again.
Not to mention she knew the heartache and struggles that this 
road less traveled would hold for us.
After all, she had been a foster parent for years 
and knew the system.

But there was something there...
a whisper in my heart the very fist time I saw 
their sweet faces...
Days and nights of thinking and rethinking 
and dreaming and what-if-ing.
And then, when I was still and listened to my soul
I found the answer.
They belonged with us.
They were born to be a part of this family.

And so the journey began.

Today is the end of our fostering journey 
but the beginning of a lifelong journey of a new family dynamic.
Four children!  
I've always wanted four children.
I thought they would all be biological children,
but God had a master plan 
and needed us to raise these little blessings...
and so He told us to wait...
(Most of you may not know that I miscarried my third child after the 12th week)
and so I thought there would never be four children.

But, I was wrong.
It was in the plans, just not how I thought it would be.

Today starts this new, beautiful, scary journey of 
 loving, worrying about, guiding, teaching,
and yes, getting frustrated with,
two more children...
two beautiful gifts entrusted to us...
a gift times two from the universe.

Thank you to all of my friends and family
who have walked this path with us...
clearing the way, 
crying with us,
supporting us,
cheering with us,
having sleepless nights worrying with us,
letting us lean on you when we were ready to quit,
and now
celebrating with us.
We love each and every one of you.

As I sit here and type,
happy tears are falling
down my cheeks
because I know from this day forward
life will never be the same.
And thank God for that.
My 4 children today!
Photo by Dawn Bayer Photography


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