Friday, July 8, 2016

On the Water's Edge

This image was inspired by a kayak trip along the Gunpowder River and then into Foster Branch. My husband and I dropped in at Mariner Point Park, paddled around the park's peninsula and into the more quiet and still water areas, away from the large motorboats.  I was thrilled to see many of my favorite birds, the osprey. One was even flying above our heads carrying a fish in its talons. It eventually perched in the branches of a dead tree and we paddled off into a cove to watch it eat from a distance. I wish I had my Canon 5D with my 400 zoom with me, but it was just way too choppy to risk it.

We also saw tons of turtles resting on driftwood throughout the river. Great blue herons were out and active. It was hysterical watching them watch us. They thought they were hiding in the tall marsh plants along the shore, standing ever so still except their eyes tracking us paddling by. It truly is a beautiful park and one of my favorite semi-local places to spot all kinds of birds.

The weather was questionable and the wind was blowing at quite a tilt. A storm was brewing in the distance. We pulled out just as the first claps of thunder were sounding. By the time we loaded the truck with the kayak and our supplies, the sky let loose.

If you ever have the chance to visit this park, either by land or by river, I highly suggest it.


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