Friday, November 11, 2016

The Road to Poplar Forest- Landscapes by Tracey Grumbach

The Road to Poplar Forest, VA

Since this is the view looking back down the road at one of America's great patriots, Thomas Jefferson's, country home, Poplar Forest, I thought a quote from him would be appropriate.

I never considered a difference of opinion
in politics, in religion, in philosophy,
as a cause from withdrawing from a friend.
-Thomas Jefferson 

I am hoping that on this special day, Veteran's Day,  the United States can come together in some sort of unity and harmony after the election. I have a hard time watching Americans rioting and protesting the democratic process. Time to buck up and get on with it! I am unplugging somewhat from social media because I just can't stand the negativity. So, instead, I will plug into nature, where harmony reigns.

Happy Veteran's Day to all of the people who serve or have served our country. Without you we could not enjoy the freedoms we have today. Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend to all of you out there. Be safe and be kind.


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  1. Nature was created by an all-knowing, all-loving God hence why we find comfort and peace. This maelstrom we are currently experiencing was created by man. It is no wonder we seek nature. I am right out in the woods with you :)


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