Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rise Above the Fog- Mobile Art by Tracey Grumbach

About this image:  Lying on my back on a foggy, rainy morning at the beach in Florida, a seagull flew in to shore. It rode the waves of air streaming in from the Gulf, gliding on the wings of the storm that was rolling in from off shore. Oh, to have wings and fly. To lift our bodies from the gravity of earth and soar above the din, the noise that fills my head every time that I turn on the news or read Facebook or get Twitter alerts. I have to unplug. I can't take the yelling, the disagreeing, the blaming, the self pity, the...everything. I can't take everyone telling me what to think, when to think, and how to think, and when I don't think as they do, they tell me I am a horrible, terrible person and not supportive of meaningful things. It has rubbed me raw and I choose from today on to reduce the noise. Unplug. See the positive, choose love. I choose to lift, if not my body, then my soul, as the seagull does, above the fog, above the storm, and fly toward the light and calmer seas. I must, for my own well being, and so I will.

While doing my daily morning reading and devotion, I came across this advice from the Dalai Lama-

A great deal of suffering comes from having too many thoughts. And, at the same time, the way we think is not sane. We are only concerned by our immediate satisfaction and forget to measure its long-term advantages and disadvantages, either for ourselves or for others. But such an attitude always goes against us in the end. There is no doubt that by changing our way of seeing things we could reduce our current difficulties and avoid creating new ones.

Have a beautiful day, if only in your mind and soul, because the weather sure isn't helping matters.


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  1. The last few weeks I have really going on FB, just so tired of it all. I just want to wander with my camera and create things that mean something to me.


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