Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I Thought You'd Give Me Wings- Digital Collage by Tracey Grumbach

About this image: We've all done it before. We've attached our hopes, dreams, and aspirations to someone or something (a house, a job, a preconceived notion about ourselves) that we thought would make us fly and yet we find ourselves utterly clinging to something dead and still that keeps us grounded. But not grounded in a positive way. Grounded in a "I wish I could soar" way. All we need to do is let go, put our foot to the ground and take one step away. So simple, yet for some, a concept that is so full of fear.

So excited for the opportunity to show some of my work this Saturday night at Bel Air High School for the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra concert. If you are going, please stop at my table and say hello! I am also working at Arts By the Bay this Saturday from 11AM-2:30PM. Cruise in and take a look at the amazing work our gallery has to offer. It has been voted Best in Harford County, so it is worth the time! I will try to live broadcast from there, so tune in for that as well.

Have a beautiful Wednesday, y'all.


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