Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Remains of That Whisper- Digital Artist Tracey Grumbach

About this image: As the velvety petals of your rose began to age and harden around the edges, I strained to still hear the words whispered in my ear all of those days ago. What was it you said when your breath was so gentle and feathery on my cheek? The words are no longer clear, but the intonation still vibrates in my chest. The rise and fall of your whisper still lingers in the recesses of my mind. As I recall, my reply was sweet on my tongue but bitter in my heart. But you didn't know that and you smiled your sweet smile. Now this, and the memory, is all that remains.

You are cordially invited to the May 5th event, Ticked Off- Lyme Disease Awareness Event, at Arts By the Bay Gallery in Havre de Grace, Maryland from 6PM-9PM! I will be presenting 3 walls of my art as well as speaking about my experience with trying to get properly diagnosed with and treated for Chronic Lyme Disease. I will discuss how my life has changed including how art has become a vehicle for me to express myself when I no longer could rely on words. We will have an informational table about Lyme Disease and how to protect yourself as well as personnel from Harford Lyme Advocates to answer questions you may have! A portion of proceeds from the sale of my art will go back to the local community to support Lyme sufferers and their families by funding education, legislation, and research!  Please mark your calendars now as you won't want to miss this! I have some fun things planned and I have other artists working on some art specifically for this event! Hope to see you there!

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