Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sunflower in Ball Jar- Digital Art By Tracey Grumbach

The last few weeks have been difficult ones. When dealing with any chronic illness, stress can be a huge factor in how your immune system responds to latent illnesses, such as EBV. When stress suppresses the immune system, those illnesses that are lying in wait can flare and cause a host of issues. This is exactly what is happening to me, I believe. My lab results show elevated levels of EBV as well as C. pneumoniae. Additional tests show lack of oxygen being carried to my brain and the rest of my body. All of these things can cause exhaustion, headaches, depression, and many other issues.  Lately, my stress levels have been very, very high, allowing the perfect environment for these illnesses to rear their ugly heads. Thanks to Lyme and co-infections, my immune system was almost non-existent to begin with, so when stress comes along to hammer it down even more, I get very sick. That is why I haven't been blogging and posting as much on social media. I've been trying to lie low and take care of myself.

Anyway, a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers was given to my mother for her birthday while she was staying here at my house. I took the opportunity to use my tabletop lightbox and shoot some portraits of these amazing creations. I just love the combination of blue and yellow...very calming for me. This one is in route from the art printer and I can't wait to see how it looks in person. If you'd like to see it too, be sure to stop in to Arts By the Bay Gallery beginning on April 28th (opening reception for the spring show which I am the featured artist for) and June 25th (the closing for the spring show). Don't forget to come out the night of May 5th to the Ticked Off-Lyme Disease Awareness Event to help support the us in educating the community about the dangers of Lyme Disease! It is going to be a good time.

Have a wonderful week, y'all.


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