Monday, June 19, 2017

Changes For Us

Late Spring Sunset- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach

As the corn creeps closer to being knee high and the temperatures creep toward the nineties, my mind creeps toward next school year instead of summer fun. When I started the journey of homeschooling 2 years ago, I knew that one day we would return our twins back into the public school system at some point. We had a set of private goals for our children and my husband and I knew we would know when it was time to send them back. These past two years have been challenging, rewarding, fun, and full of bonding with my two youngest. But, the time has come to send them back to their local elementary school. It is a decision that brings me a mixed bag of feelings. While I am so happy for them to be more independent from me, I am sad for the fun times and flexibility we will lose in this process. We recently told them they are returning to the public education system and they too had mixed feelings. They are excited to be with friends on a daily basis again, but sad to lose our shorter schooling day, our fun field trips, and other special things we got to do as homeschoolers. For all of us it is a weird mix of excitement and grieving.  I guess that is normal for the ending of one stage of life and the moving on to another.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our decision to homeschool two years ago. We took a leap of faith pulling our children out of the system and home with us. Most everyone was happy for us and cheered us on for two years. I especially want to thank all the homeschooling moms who took me under their wing, counseled me when I was stressing out, and who have become lifelong friends. You all know who you are and you ladies rock. Thank you to everyone for your continuing support as we navigate this change again. I will be discontinuing my Instagram and blog related to homeschooling now that the twins will be back in school.  So, if you follow those, please be aware of this change.

Have a wonderful Monday...


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