Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Strength and Stability- Mobile Art and Photography by Tracey Grumbach

Strength and Stability

Remember, the storm is a good opportunity
for the pine and the cypress to show 
their strength and stability.
-Ho Chi Minh 

For those who don't follow me on social media, I'd like to share the wonderful news that I will have an article published for the online magazine, The Mighty, based on this post I wrote last week. Because of the wonderful encouragement of many people who approached me and wrote to me this week saying how much the blog post helped them better understand the perspective of someone who has a chronic illness, I decided to submit the blog post to see if it could be helpful to larger audience of readers. I was modestly hopeful the editors of this website would see the value in my point of view and in my writing. After just a few days, I was thrilled to hear they accepted my writing for publishing (although it may be a few weeks before it is actually released) and offered for me to be a contributing writer to the website. I was so honored and excited for this amazing opportunity to use my voice to spread awareness and help others. I will let everyone know when the article is live. Thank you to everyone for your undying support in all my ventures. Whether it is for my art, my writing, my journey through homeschooling, or my fight against Chronic Lyme Disease, so many of you have been there to cheer me on and lift me up when I fall. Thank you.

Today I have a doctor's appointment with my LLMD to check on the progress of my treatment plan, see the results of my liver function tests, and discuss the next steps in this phase of my treatment. I would appreciate any and all prayers for wisdom, guidance, and good news. After so many years of a roller coaster ride, staying positive and maintaining hope for a full recovery is extremely difficult for me. Thank you in advance for your positive thoughts, prayers, and vibrations!

Also, today I will be delivering the two pieces of art that were accepted into the Art Without Boundaries Art Show! It is always fun and exciting to be a part of a juried art show and have my work displayed in new places. I was thrilled to find out that one of my dear friends, artist Kara Main, will be showing along with me in the same exhibit. So proud of her! Click on her name to check out her beautiful, thought provoking work.

Have a beautiful Tuesday- smile at a stranger today and make the world just a bit happier.

***Edited to say- the article HAS BEEN PUBLISHED! That was quick! You can read/see the article here on The Mighty. You can see my author profile here.


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