Wednesday, June 7, 2017

National Aquarium in Baltimore- Digital Art By Tracey Grumbach

It's been a rough week. My 9 year old son, Zach, got sick on Saturday and hasn't been able to get rid of the congestion and cough that came along with it. Following on his heels, his twin, Natalie, got sick yesterday. This morning, I woke up with the gunk they have been fighting. All of this in the midst of my oldest daughter, Brenna, turning 18 yesterday. Emotionally that milestone was bittersweet for me. She is turning into such an amazing young woman and that is a pleasure to watch, but I find myself longing for the simpler days when she was little. Between her high school graduation and her eighteenth birthday happening within a week of each other, it is a lot emotionally to take in.

So far my husband and I have successfully raised two of our children to graduate and move on to new phases of life and we have two more to go.  We still have 9 years to go until they are officially adults, so I guess I better hang on tight for the wild ride with my youngest. If I survive their mischief they are sure to bring as teens in a few short years, it will be a miracle! 

For all of you younger moms out there...take the snuggles while you can get them. Pretty soon your babies will be leaving the nest and starting their own lives. Trust me, you will be longing for the days when they fell asleep in your embrace.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, y'all.


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