Friday, July 28, 2017

Laveder-Digital Painting by Tracey Grumbach

Lavender-Portrait of a Flower Series-Artist Tracey Grumbach

I created this simply because I needed joy. Lavender, my most favorite plant on earth, brings me joy in more ways than one. I simply love the color and the delicate flowers. I love the way it smells. Actually, it is my favorite smell in the world. I diffuse the essential oil throughout the house frequently and also dab it on diffuser necklaces and bracelets I wear. If I could fill my house and yard with lavender, I would. One day I would like to have a whole garden bed just for this plant. I'd harvest the flowers and create beautiful satchels filled with dried flowers to add to each of the drawers in my dresser.

Monday, when Brenna, the twins and I went to Longwood Gardens, we stopped in the gift shop on the way out. When I saw they were selling lavender plants, I had to have one. With all of the difficult news we have absorbed this week I just wanted something in the house to make me smile and remember my blessings. So, I bought it, brought it home, put it in the sunniest window I have, and to remind me of its beauty even when it has faded into the darkness of winter, I digitally painted it. I knew I wanted to use a touch of robin's egg blue in the background because it is my favorite color along with lavender. So, that is what I did. I think I will make two prints of for me and one to sell. I am emotionally attached to it. It reminds me that no matter how ugly the world gets, beauty is just a glance away. 

Today will be a very difficult day. Our family will be joining the rest of the community in gathering together and saying goodbye to a dear friend lost. It is a stark reminder that bad things happen to good people, life is way too short, and we are never promised tomorrow. Please send love and prayers to a grieving family and a grieving community today as we all celebrate a young life lived beautifully.

Just a quick reminder that I will be working at Arts By the Bay Gallery today from 11AM-3PM if anyone would like to stop in and chat art or Lyme. I'd love to see you. Have a wonderful day and remember to hug all your loved ones tight.  See you back here on Monday.


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  1. This picture is just so beautiful beyond words.
    I pray it brings you peace during such hard times.


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