Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Out of the Fog- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach

Out of the Fog-Digital Art-Mobile Art-Tracey Grumbach
I was planning on sharing some awesome career news with you all today, but instead I am devastated to change the theme of this post to just how unpredictable life really is. In the long run my career won't mean much in the wide scheme of the world, but the lives of two young people do make a difference and when they are lost, the entire community grieves.

In the last week both of my oldest children have lost childhood friends, one to unspeakable violence and the other in a car accident. My heart is aching with the weight and heaviness of imagining the hell the parents and siblings of these two young people are in right now. My heart aches at the injustice of it. It aches for the young, tender age at which both of these young men died, one 20 years old and one 18 years old. My heart aches for the communities that are grieving right along with the parents and siblings. My heart aches at the quickness and randomness of the deaths. My heart aches because I simply cannot imagine burying one of my children. My heart aches for my kids and all the other friends of these young men out there for having to experience and deal with loss at such a tender age. My heart just aches.

In the last few days I have turned to prayer in a desperate attempt to somehow help these two families cope with losing their sons in such a sudden and unexpected way. I don't have any words or meals or gifts that could possible ease their pain and so prayer is the only remedy I can offer. I pray for their strength to get through losing a child. I pray for the Lord to comfort them in this unimaginable pain. I pray for their peace of mind knowing that one day they will be reunited with their beloved children.

Last night at dinner it did not escape me that I was sitting there having a meal with my husband and four children while these two families will never be able to do that again. The incredible feeling of thankfulness overwhelmed me because truth be told, none of us are guaranteed that...ever. Not one of us is ever guaranteed the day. So, hug your loved ones tighter and longer NOW. Spend time talking NOW. Pray together NOW. Tell them you love them NOW.  As I was driving yesterday the song Last Time For Everything by Brad Paisley came on. I NEVER listen to the radio, but weirdly, I had it on yesterday just after I heard the news about Brenna's friend passing and that song came on. It made sense like never before and spoke directly to my heart. There is a last time for EVERYTHING so be thankful for EVERYTHING NOW.

Please, would you add your prayers for the Pizanis family and the Berrell family? Truly, it is the best thing we can offer them right now. Thank you.


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