Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Memory, In Widow's Weeds 1- Portrait of a Flower

Memory In Widow's Weeds 1- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach
Memory, in widow's weeds, with naked feet stands on a tombstone.
-Aubrey de Vere

I went for a walk the other morning and along the path I found quite a few Queen Anne's Lace plants blooming. They were so beautiful standing there, wild and carefree and intricately beautiful. They were growing in a large field full of unmowed grass and I knew I had to have a few. I pulled a couple and took them home, placed them in a small vase and admired the incredible details of the umbel. I knew I had to photograph its beauty, so I did a study of about 5 photos, all very different from each other.  I am looking forward to sharing them with you here.

After the heart wrenching events of the past few days it almost feels silly to share the news that my work has been chosen to appear on the cover of an upcoming issue of Harford's Heart magazine. I received the call on Friday and was honored and thrilled because not only does "Harford County's Favorite Little Magazine" have a wide local circulation, but they are historically supportive of the arts community here in Harford County, Maryland. The art director contacted me to tell me my work was selected and also told me they would like to include an interview with my pieces of art. They will be having a writer contact me soon to conduct the interview. The editor was interested in how Lyme Disease has influenced my art through the years. I am thrilled to have yet another outlet to get the word out both about my art and also how serious Lyme Disease can be. These opportunities are precious to me and I receive them with amazing amounts of gratitude. The issue will be released in the fall. More details to come!

Please hug your loved ones today and be grateful for all your blessings. As always, thank you for your continuing support and encouragement!


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  1. Your pictures are so beautiful.
    And you are so courageous to always share your lyme story whenever you can. It can change lives.


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