Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This Topsy-Turvy World- Digital Art


What a day yesterday. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for both Brenna and I. After a very difficult and long day yesterday, we are home...she is finally recovering peacefully after a very difficult bout with anesthesia and pain, and I am coming to terms with the information I received from reviewing my tests with my doctor. Prayer works, and I am so thankful for all of yours.

I received many messages yesterday wanting to know how the latest testing came out related to the liver function tests and the ALCAT test but I had my hands full with helping Brenna recover from her emergency oral surgery. So, I will answer everyone at once here on the blog today...first, my liver function tests were completely normal, praise the Lord. My liver seems to be holding up to the massive amounts of antibiotics I am taking. According to my doctor, I am definitely improving from the infections but he still foresees at least several more months ahead of treatment. Since beginning his program, I would say on good days there is about a 70% improvement in my symptoms than when I started. Also, the good days are becoming more plentiful and the bad days are becoming less severe and less frequent. So, I will continue antibiotic therapy to try and regain the other 30% to a full recovery.

As far as the ALCAT test, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I was expecting to have a TON of my favorite things on the severely reactive or moderately reactive list, but I didn't. Most of the foods on there were foods I don't eat often and most of the chemical additives were ones I avoid anyway. The molds I am reactive to I don't know much about and I have to do more research on how to limit my exposure to them. I did find out that I am severely reactive to kale, kelp, leaf lettuces (except for iceberg and romaine), nectarines, scallions, and sorghum. I eat kale and leaf lettuces almost on a daily basis, so that stinks. I love nectarines (but don't eat them that often) and scallions, so I need to remove those from my diet as well. I will replace the leaf lettuces and kale with baby spinach, which I also love, so that won't be a big deal unless I am trying to eat out. Many salad bases at restaurants I will be reactive to. I am mildly reactive to beef (and lots of other things), so I have to limit my exposure to that to once a week. Not shockingly, I am reactive to gliadin (which cross reacts with gluten), which means I have to have a gluten free diet (which I've been on for a long time) and also to casein, so I still need to remain dairy free since it cross reacts with whey. On the bright side, I can add back beans, wild rice, and gluten free oats to my diet since I am not reactive to those.

The only disappointment, if you want to call it that, was finding out I need to start a rotational diet to limit my exposure to all foods so that I don't become sensitive to them. With my current leaky gut situation and my current antibiotic treatment, I need to control my exposure to all foods to once every 4 days to lower the risk of adding more foods to the sensitive list. So, that is going to take some serious planning, preparation, and dedication on my and my family's part. It doesn't seem complicated, but it is considering I usually bulk food prep so I have meals throughout the week. Now, only being allowed to eat the same fruit, vegetable, and meat once every 4 days, that eliminates my ability to prepare that way and instead I will be cooking more frequently. I am also not quite sure how to do this with eating at restaurants and while on vacation, but I will figure those things out as we move along.

My doctor did say I have a magnesium deficiency that is adding to some of my symptoms, so I will be taking a supplement for that. He also said it is time to start exercising again and has ordered me to walk, do yoga, or swim/water walking 30 minutes 3 times a week. I am not sure what he meant by this, but he said when he listened to my heart he could tell I needed to exercise. That kind of scared me because no one wants something wrong with her heart. 

On an exciting note, The Mighty finally released my 4th article, To the Chronically Ill Parent Who Feels Like a Failure. I am really proud of my articles because I am trying to help those who are in my shoes to know they are not alone. They are deeply personal to me. The other day I went to hug someone and she backed away saying she was wearing perfumed products and from reading my article Why Hugging You Is Not Good For My Health, she knew that it could affect my symptoms for the rest of the day. That made me smile because it was one small example of my writing affecting people's thinking and actions.

I created and titled this piece Topsy Turvy World because that is how I am feeling today. Like my world is beautiful yet off kilter somehow. I hope you like it.

Have a great Wednesday! I will by lying low and nursing my baby girl!


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