Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hello, Hippodrome

One of the things I have found that changes how I deal with having
a chronic connective tissue disorder is gratitude journaling.
It has helped change my perspective on life and guide my
thoughts and energies into being thankful for my many blessings
instead of filling my head with regrets of things that 
used to be easy and are now difficult.

Yesterday, I was thankful for good stories.
I love being carried away by live theater shows,
excellent films, and
amazing books.
My brain is usually never quiet, so in my "quiet" moments,
I like to be swept away in a good story.
A good story, by my definition, is one that can 
wrap me up in the characters and transport me to a different world
while also making me feel the emotions.
In a way, that is how I view photography too...
a good photograph needs to transport the viewer to 
a different world, and/or make you feel the emotion of the moment,
and/or at the very least give the viewer something of visual deliciousness that 
makes their brain want to explore the frame for every detail.

I also feel the same way about music...but that, my friends,
is a different gratitude journal for another day.


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