Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Every spring for a few days each year, 
I am lucky enough to see these beautiful, shy birds at my feeder.
I so wish they would stick around for the summer, but alas,
despite Maryland being on the map for their "summer" range,
they are never spotted here in my rural Harford County location for more than a few days.

They have a beautiful song that is similar to an American Robin song,
only happier and more cheerful.
I had to shoot this image with my 400mm lens through glass
because they are very shy and cautious at the feeder.
Despite sitting still and quietly for an hour on my porch,
waiting for them to fly down to the feeder 
from their high perch in the cypress trees,
they never obliged my patience.

It's ok, though.
I don't mind enjoying them for a few days with 
my eyes and ears instead of the lens.
It makes their visit that much more special.

For more information about the Rose Breasted Grosbeak
and to hear their beautiful song, please visit 


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