Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Remains

Isn't it interesting how Nature, over time, 
will take over human made creations,
returning the components to her breast, the earth?
As the vines take over this aging building,
I can't help but to see the irony in the fact 
that humans build shelter to keep nature out
but in the long run Nature will have her way...
with us and our creations.
What evidence of us will remain thousands of years from now?
Will there be futuristic archeologists 
studying our artifacts, trying to decipher
our communities and ways of life?
Who will know our name or our accomplishments then?
The only gift we have to give is our love,
a positive energy back into the world's energy system
that I hope reverberates for the remainder of time.

I am very thankful today for two things...
my oldest daughter got her braces off today
I loved hearing my two youngest giggle as they watched
popcorn pop in an old fashioned popper for their after school snack.
(No microwave popcorn for this family!)

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