Wednesday, May 28, 2014


My new digital art piece, Migraine.
It is a mix of 3 photographs I have taken along with 
textures and various digital processes.

I have been battling with headaches and migraines now for 5 days...
Not sure of the cause, but of course, am concerned it could mean
growth of the tumor on my pituitary again.
Or, it could mean something is going awry with my immune system.
Or it could mean something else.
Or it could mean nothing at all...

Anyway, back to what I am thankful for today...
spending the day on a field trip with my 
cutie kindergarteners at a local zoo.
I was able to hold off the headache and enjoy the day with them 
and their classmates.
When one suffers with migraines, 
being able to function in public is always a scary idea
as they come on very suddenly and are very debilitating.
I was able to get through the trip with no problems,
and for that, along with the the quality time with the kiddos,
I am thankful.

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