Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pieces of Me

Even though I feel shattered now,
I am still grateful for the little things
that not only I love doing, 
but things that also made my father proud of me.
Teaching is one of those things.

As I tried to resume normal life today,
I took an hour to be with my little ones
and begin summer review for their education.
Being a former teacher, I enjoy teaching my children 
and watching them learn.
I know the importance of reducing the learning gap
over the summer so they can retain the skills they've learned
until next school year.
So, today we began our "summer school time."

Me being a teacher was one of the things that
made my dad proud of me over the years.
I didn't realize just how proud until I started
going through some things he had stashed away
and I found my very first paycheck stub I earned as a teacher
from back in 1994.

He kept it.
I couldn't believe it.
He kept that old piece of paper stating my earnings.
How did he even get ahold of it, I wonder?
When I found it, I smiled, and thought,
"Really, Dad?"

And I am sure he was smiling back at me
while saying, "Yes, really, Pumpkin."


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