Friday, June 6, 2014

Ready to Unfurl

Today I am thankful for my beautiful 15 year old daughter
who brings such joy and laughter to my life.
She is such an amazing person with a huge, kind heart,
a humble, strong, quiet, self confidence
and a smart, creative brain with ideas that still fascinate me.
Why God decided to bless me with this gift that is her 15 years ago,
I will never know, but I am honored to be her mother.

My relationship with all my children is so unique and equally as fulfilling,
but when I imagined having a teenage daughter, 
I couldn't even begin to dream about a connection this close or rewarding.
Happy Birthday, my beautiful Ladybug!
May you always have the best in life 
and stay the sweet, caring person you are.
It is a joy watching you unfurl from a shy little girl
into this beautiful, confident woman.
One day you will change the world with your words.
You may already have...


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  1. Happiness all around! Enjoy celebrating your girl!


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