Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trinkets and Treasures

It's funny how different people are.
Me...I am sentimental and love the history behind old things.
I love researching my ancestry and hearing the stories of 
family members that describe how our family came to be what it is
and where it is today.
To me, everything and everyone is interwoven like the 
yarn in the afghan my grandmother knitted.
Each piece of yarn is unique yet it depends on the other
pieces of yarn to create a the pattern, or story if you will, of the finished product.

For me, finding these treasures that my father and his parents kept
show me a glimpse inside their hearts and souls
and tells me what was important to them.
The momentos, letters, pictures, and trinkets they saved
tucked away in boxes and drawers reveal what was special in their hearts.

One of the trinkets my father saved was his tractor trailer belt buckle.
He was very proud of what he did for a living.
He would often brag he was the best damn truck driver out there
and he was right.  
His driving record was impeccable and he worked very hard throughout his life
to make sure the cargo he was carrying arrived safely, on time, and in perfect condition.
I have many fond memories of my dad being a truck driver...
one was when he brought his truck to my elementary school
(I was in fifth grade at the time) for career day.
I was so full of pride when my dad pulled into the parking lot in his huge rig
and let all the kids climb in and out of the cab.
That's MY dad, I would say!  

This is another item my mother found tucked away.
I was shocked to find a leather knife case that my dad carried with him
from the day I made it for him until the day he retired.
Remember those craft kits you could buy in stores like Woolworth's back in the day?
Well, when I was about 5 or 6, 
I laced these two pieces of leather together from a kit I bought.
I gave it to my father as a present because his 
 heavy metal knife would wear holes in his jeans pocket.
My young brain thought this leather case would be a great gift.
Apparently, my dad thought so too.

Despite having to re-lace it many times,
despite the leather becoming old and crumbly,
despite it's condition and age,
my dad kept it.
Even after he didn't carry it in his pocket anymore,
he kept it.
And that meant the world to me when I found it.

I know lots of people who aren't sentimental about things.
They throw away letters and old ragged possessions
without even a second thought.
But to me, these things are a trigger for bringing 
forth the warm fuzzy feelings of great memories 
that may have otherwise been forgotten.
It's ok that people are different.
I'm just glad that I am one of the people who
treasure the small things.


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