Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Puddle

Swallow Falls State Park, Maryland

Today I am immensely thankful for the beautiful weather
and clean country air here in Deep Creek.
I had the opportunity to kayak on the smooth, chilly water this morning 
and then we went hiking this afternoon at the beautiful Swallow Falls State Park.
I am so very thankful to spend this time with my family
because it has been so hectic since the death of my father.
We needed this time to reconnect.
Funny how major life events can so quickly and completely strip down what is important.

In the quiet of the morning while out on the lake,
I felt my father's presence so clearly.
All the memories of boating with my father over the years,
including here at Deep Creek Lake,
came flooding back and reminded me again just how lucky I am to be his daughter.
I think I feel the closest to him when I am on or near the water.
 He loved it so much and had a deep connection with it throughout his life.
One day these memories will bring feelings of pure happiness.
For now it makes me feel warm inside but with the
empty heaviness of sadness attached to it.
Time.  I've got to give myself time.


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