Sunday, June 29, 2014


Today I am thankful for the time spent babysitting this beautiful angel.
My friend delivered this perfect baby girl
one month ago and I had forgotten
just how delicious a newborn could be.
Even though she slept ninety-five percent of the time
I was with her, I enjoyed every minute of it.
The sweet noises, the jerky movements, the clean fresh smell,
the little lips pursing into the shape of an O.
A smorgasbord of sensory babiness!
And the little wrinkles in that little arm...
So, so delightful.
Sometimes it is the most primitive simple part of being human
that bring us the most joy.

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  1. My brother's wife just had a baby - they live on Maui....egads! SO far away! I'm enjoying the photos and trying to imagine all the baby deliciousness... Might just need to borrow me a new born from somewhere!


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