Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Puddle

As seen in Glen Rock, PA

You know how it is the tendency of humans to focus on what they don't have
instead of what they DO have?
I think it is because it is scientifically proven that the brain records 
more negative memories than positive.
Perhaps it is a cruel trick of evolution, in a bid for the self preservation of our kind,
to help us humans remember our negative experiences so we don't repeat them.
Whatever the reason our brains do this, I think it has a direct impact on 
our perception of the world and our overall happiness.

It is our job, then, in my opinion, to work at focusing on what we do have
and all the positives that are abundant in our lives instead of focusing on loss.
Let's retrain our brains to focus on the good stuff.
For example, I recently have been told, because of my health issues,
that I need to eat dairy free and gluten free to 
reduce inflammation in my over-run immune system.
At first I was petrified...what in the world was I going to eat besides carrots and lettuce?
I mourned the loss of some of my favorite foods such as pizza and bread.
I felt myself digging that familiar self-pity party pit that is so dangerous to fall into.
I have to watch my family eat ice cream all around me 
while poor pitiful me can't have any.

Sound familiar?

I quickly recognized my line of destructive thinking and decided to change up my thinking.
I started some research to find out what I can have and 
what the health benefits were that I would soon reap.
Turns out I have, over the course of a week and a half,
discovered some delicious foods that I really enjoy.
Hummus...all kinds of hummus.
Almond milk.
Frozen coconut milk.
Tons and tons of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Eggs, lean meat, lots of beans.
The list goes on and on when you consider the additional
myriad of organic, gluten-free/dairy-free products out there.
When I started focusing on what I COULD have instead of
what I COULD NOT have,
a beautiful thing happened.
My self-pity disappeared,
my taste buds bloomed,
my weight started to drop,
and guess what?
I FELT better.
The pain I live with daily decreased.
The cysts that develop on my face have decreased.
I don't have nearly as many cravings as I used to.
I am looking forward to additional health benefits as I continue my quest to heal myself.
Now, instead of being sad, I feel empowered to help control my health.
Refusing a piece of butter bread is no longer torture
and it didn't take me very long to get to this beautiful place of being thankful 
for what I can nourish my body with.

I say, stop the self-pity parties and put on the rose colored glasses, my friends!

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