Monday, August 4, 2014

The Bee

Digital Art created from a Public Domain image (I did not take the original photo)

My brain works in mysterious ways.
I am always looking at things in curiosity and trying to learn life lessons.
After all, I do believe we are here to learn lessons from this life
before our spirits move to the next.

Case in point, I was walking in the parking lot at Wal Mart yesterday,
toward the back of the parking area,
 when  I happened by a lone, broken down, rusted, black pick-up truck
that happened to have a pair of men's dungaree and boot clad legs
sticking out from under it.
Trash was strewn around the truck and I correctly assumed that
the person under the carriage was trying to fix the truck's ailments.

Just as I was walking by the driver's side door,
I heard a line of expletives that would have made a sailor blush,
screamed at maximum volume.
"Mother F*&#@&!!!!!!"
"That sh*%$ is burning HOT!"

Instead of being offended, I began thinking instead...
what is it about curse words that make us feel better
when spewing them out into the world?
Even in we don't say it out loud,
we for sure say it in our own heads when we hurt ourselves
or make a royal mistake like breaking our favorite pair of glasses.
A few good well placed curse words have the power
of temporarily relieving our frustration or pain
in a way that more delicate words can not...
Darn.  Shoot.  Fiddle Sticks.
Nope, just not the same.

Well, of course, in my curiosity, when I got home,
I googled to see if there was any scientific proof of my theory...
that curse words hold some strange power to relieve frustration and pain
that other, more benign words do not.
And guess what?
It's true.
Just read this article and you will see .
And this is just one article of many...apparently cursing activates
a totally separate part of our brains...the more primal part related to aggression.
Interesting, though...if you curse more than you should,
the power of pain relief is lost, so all you sailor mouths out there, beware.

Today I am thankful for language, curse words, or otherwise.
What a gift God has given us...the ability to communicate using words.
Imagine a world without words, spoken or written,
and you will see that we often take it for granted.

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  1. Wow - that is true. All of it. I do feel better after cursing but I only do it when I'm really angry. Like the article says, if you do it too often, they just become words and it doesn't relieve anything.


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