Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cure, Yes

Today I am thankful for the start of football season tomorrow!
I absolutely LOVE football (and photographing football)
and it gives me something to look forward to as fall comes ever closer.
Although I won't be photographing football this season, 
I can still watch it like nobody's business!
I am hoping my beloved Ravens do well this season and make us proud!
I belong to a Pickem' League so that will keep my brain working...
y'all know I have quite a competitive spirit.

The artwork above is something I created yesterday
that is a mix of paper collage and digital art.
Cure, Yes is a nod toward my desire for better understanding
in the public and also the government about the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.
Did you all know that when MS and ALS patients are tested for the Lyme bacteria
ALL of the patients have been positive...many researchers believe there a direct
correlation to MS, ALS, and possibly Alzheimer's diseases.
A lot of interesting research is taking place right now
and if the government would just get out of its own way,
we could get closer and closer to finding the answers to these devastating diseases.

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  1. Crazy. I have never heard that about the correlation between the diseases. And I'm ready for football too - but it's the Patriots and the Oregon ducks at my house!! I did spend a considerable amount of time rooting for the Baltimore colts as a kid - all our extended family lived in Baltimore!


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