Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dusty and Identifying the Enemy

I feel like I have been living in a bubble made out of a milky white substance
that doesn't totally obscure my view of the outside world,
but does deform and cloud it in such a way that I have been deceived.
Only, I didn't know I was being deceived.
I am famous for my trusting nature, bordering on the line of naivety,
and happily lived in that bubble of clouded vision for a long time.

Since I became sick and started going through the red tape and bureaucracy
that is our modern American healthcare system,
that milky white bubble in which I was so comfortably living has been burst...
popped in a huge explosion of harsh reality.
I can now see clearly things I couldn't before...for instance,
how our government is profiting, literally, from keeping us sick.
I can see how private enterprises, big pharmacy, and insurance companies
prey on us at our most vulnerable and difficult moments of illness
when our defenses and stamina for fighting are at the lowest.

Before I was blissfully living with the notion that the U.S. government was taking care of us,
looking out for our best interest and doing its best by its citizens.
Now...I see that the almighty dollar has twisted and manipulated
our government to the point where its citizen's best interest is not even on their radar.
Everything, including our basic healthcare (or lack there of) is influenced by economics.

It really is quite a startling wake up call for me.

But today, that is what I am thankful for...
my clearer vision of what my true enemies are
(not only the Lyme and Bartonella bacteria but also the healthcare system itself)
so that I may fight them and create a clear path back to health despite them.
And for those who think I am being melodramatic clearly have not
been through what so many Americans are going through...
paying tons of money into a fractured healthcare/insurance system only to be denied
coverage of basic treatments and tests because they are deemed 
NOT MEDICALLY NECESSARY by bureaucrats that sit behind desks 
with no knowledge of disease or the treatments that cure them.

End of rant.

The pictures above are of our sweet barn cat, Dusty,
who almost lost his leg (and possibly his life) this summer after a nasty attack
by what we assume to have been a groundhog or a raccoon.
I am so glad he is still around to purr and keep me company 
on the front porch as I rest in the morning sun,
absorbing as much Vitamin D as I can.

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  1. I could write a book. I'll just say amen. We are choosing a holistic approach to health care, and are finding that means we're pretty much left to pay for it ourselves......while we pay for insurance cause it's the law! Eek! And the whole food thing is so scary - and I've been too lazy for too many years to face it and deal with, but we are now...and it's changing our lives. I'm so so sorry you're fighting such a debilitating chronic illness - my prayers are for your healing and for you to continue to allow learning and transformation on every level to bring more good out of this awful time than you could have ever imagined! HUGE hug!


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