Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exiting Starbucks

Today I am thankful that I have created my first book from all my blog posts.
I finished creating it, uploading it, and sending it off to be printed.
I never ever want to lose pictures or memories again,
so this is a first step in providing something concrete and lasting 
for myself and hopefully my kids to keep for when I am gone.
They will have my pictures and my thoughts in book form.

I have even considered going back to my old blogs and doing the same for them.
That is a HUGE undertaking, though, so we'll see...

I'm not much for huge undertakings lately, lol.

The above picture was taken as I was waiting on a bench outside a Starbucks.
I was intrigued by the people rushing in and out starting their day with 
their dose of wakefulness in the form of coffee.
I have been following more and more street photographers on Instagram lately,
and wish I could get out more to do this kind of shooting.
One day. 

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