Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Looking Up

So excited and grateful that my mother came to visit us from Virginia the past few days.
She is over 5 hours away from us and I miss her horribly being that far.
My mother has never been an adventurous driver, so I never thought that she would venture
all this way on her own now that my father passed away.

But I was wrong and she was brave, armed with her GPS, she called Sunday night
to let me know she would be driving up the next day!
She arrived safely and I have enjoyed her company the last several days.
She is always such a pleasure to have here and brings lots of joy to me and the grandkids!

This image is a new iPhone series that I am beginning called Looking Up.
What is above our heads is largely ignored and rarely seen,
so I have been lying my iPhone flat, and turning the camera toward the sky.
I loved the colors and shapes in this abstract picture taken below the edge of a building with 
the bright blue autumn sky as the background.

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