Thursday, September 25, 2014

All My Kin

Today I am thankful that the kids and I had a good check-up at the dentist,
but more importantly, I am thankful that I felt good today and was able
to have lunch with my mom, my aunt, my brother, and all 4 of my kids.

I have always been very attached to my family, sometimes too attached,
(if anyone knows my WVU story, you know what I am talking about!),
and I have always known how incredibly important family is in my life.
However, since my father passed away in June, it has really pushed me to 
take as much time to spend with family as I possibly can.
Time is short and no one can be guaranteed another minute here on earth.
That is why I was so excited that I felt up to meeting them out to lunch today.

I am very close to not only my parents and brother, but also my aunts and uncles.
My father was an only child, so I don't have any aunts or uncles on his side, 
but I have 3 sets of aunts/uncles on my mother's side.
I love them all dearly and I truly love my cousins too!
My cousins were my first friends and my longest friends.
I know they'd have my back and I hope they know I have theirs.

As we all get older, it is a thrill for me to see my extended family and spend time with them
because they mean the world to me.
I hope they each know that.

I also am glad that my kids know and love their uncles, aunts, cousins, 
grandparents, and great aunts and great uncles.
I want to instill in them that life is so much sweeter when you 
can experience it and share it with your family.

This image is from my Looking Up series...betcha can't tell where I was when I took it. ;)


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