Sunday, September 7, 2014

Morning Sky

First game of the regular season today for the Ravens!
I am so stinking excited.  
I am putzing around the house trying to get a few things accomplished
so I can sit and enjoy the game later.
This morning I awoke to the feeling of autumn in the air
as the humidity and heat significantly diminished overnight.
My favorite season is fall and I am determined, despite my body,
that I will have a better autumn than I did summer.
Today I am thankful for cooler temperatures, a brisk breeze,
Ravens football starting, and autumn just around the corner.

This image was taken from the bus stop the other morning and I just fell in love with the clouds.
Most of my pictures lately are close to home because I just haven't been getting out much.
Actually, I had to drive somewhere the other day and I felt really strange sitting behind 
the wheel driving the truck.
Yeah, it's been awhile since I've gotten out.

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  1. I'm ready to soak up Autumn too - same change in the air today up here. And, other than your choice of teams (haha!) I'm getting things done so I can enjoy the game too! {Patriots, of course!} I look forward to seeing how autumn looks right out your back door - I'm sure it will be breathtaking!


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