Monday, October 6, 2014

The Ceiling

Looking Up at the ceiling in the Red Robin Restaurant
(who were delighted to serve me a grilled chicken breast wrapped in lettuce and a side of fruit cup).

Today I am thankful for:

~the Orioles beat the Tigers in 3 games...we haven't had baseball this exciting in Baltimore for a long time.  My youngest son is LOVING watching the games and learning more about baseball.

~for puzzles...I have worked my way up to working 1000 piece puzzles at home.  Since I am supposed to be quiet and resting, it gives me something to do.  If anyone else likes puzzles and would like to swap with me, let me know...we can trade! 

~the professional reputation I have worked so hard to build.  It is very nice to get phone calls about business opportunities.  Unfortunately, I am in the infancy stages of recovery from Lyme, so I can't work right now (other than a real estate shoot here and there), but it sure felt good to be asked. 


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