Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It is not strange...to mistake change for progress.
~Millard Fillmore

Clearly this piece is a statement about my beliefs and feelings regarding the current political state of the world.  I struggled with this piece for about a week before I finally felt it was coherent and stated what I wanted it to state.  I love that about collage...that I have the choice of so many different ways of taking a work that sometimes it becomes overwhelming and the path to what I want to say looks cloudy.  But last night, for some reason, the image of what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to achieve it became crystal clear and I was finally able to put this piece to rest.

I feel like I am catching my stride as a digital artist.  I haven't been this excited about art in a long time and I feel a huge rush of creative energy...so many ideas swirling around in my head.  Some nights I can't sleep because I just want to keep working and churning out these collages.  I am looking into getting some originals printed (perhaps on metal!) and then also some giclee limited edition prints as well to start selling my work.  I am still looking at galleries and outlets to show my work as well.  It is an exciting time, for sure!

I love this stage of my life where I feel more confident and settled into my own mind than ever before.  Part of it is age...at 42 I finally feel less concerned about what others think and more concerned about being true to my inner voice.  I can actually HEAR my inner voice now.  Part of it, though,  is walking through this illness, which has clearly shown me that every day is a gift and has helped me define without hesitation what is important to me...God, health, family, friends, and art. The rest is just details.

Thank you to all who are walking on this journey with me...the new followers on all the social networks, the new messages of encouragement, the pats on the back from friends and family...it means more to me than anyone could possibly guess!  

Have a blessed day!

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