Monday, August 3, 2015

4th at The Harbor By the Bay

Fireworks inside...this is what it feels like inside my brain at times. Explosions of light and sound and ideas all popping at once, overwhelming my senses and creating unbearable headaches. In times like this there are usually floaters in my eyes as well, small sparkles traveling and twisting through my vision, especially when I am looking at a white wall or a brilliant, cloudless sky. While annoying, it inspired this digital I guess I am trying to make a positive spin on the weird things that can happen to a Lyme patient.

I think I have figured out why I haven't been doing well since my doctor changed my medications. At first I assumed that I wasn't doing well because the bacteria wasn't being killed by the medication, but now I realize I don't think that is the case at all. I think the pulsing of medications actually is working, killing these monsters inside me, and in the process, overwhelming my body with the toxins caused when the bacteria die off. My body is not getting rid of these toxins very well on its own, so the symptoms are increasing and making me miserable until my body can rid the die off. So, I have blood work scheduled for this week and a check up with my doctor next week to discuss just what to do. I have a feeling some serious detoxing is up next on the list of how to heal.

I created this piece with an idea of using a simplistic painting method with sponges for the buildings and splattering paint for the fireworks. I wanted it to be very child-like and simple.  After digitally painting the buildings, reflections, and fireworks I layered three images of fireworks I took this past 4th of July on top, resizing and arranging them where they would look the best.

I had a great weekend visiting with out-of-town family and having my first steamed blue crabs of the summer. We also were able to prime and paint the garage, preparing for the garage doors to be installed this week. Next up will be priming and painting the studio/office and I am overly excited. I can't wait to pick out the colors of paint...I will have a dark gray, stone-like floor so I am going with a white ceiling and trim with a light gray wall. My accent color for decorating will be robin's egg favorite happy color.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and are ready to get the work week under way. Make it a fabulous only live once.  xo

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