Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Walking Dead

A fun image I took while on vacation in Rodanthe. I thought the people in the street looked like
the Walking Dead...not that I would know because I hate that show!

Yep, that is what I have felt like lately. I know I haven't posted consistently in a while...unfortunately that has to do with many factors, including a relapse of Lyme.  I truly have so much going on that I feel like I am drowning if I don't take each second by itself.

The art show to benefit Lyme education, research, legislation, and support is coming along. I have identified and printed all of my pieces and now am in the process of matting and framing the work. In the meantime, I have been finalizing details with National Capital Lyme Disease Association, which is the group that I am donating a percentage of the proceeds from this show to, and coordinating last minute details with the gallery. So, full swing preparation is at its height!  I hope to see everyone there on Friday, October 2 from 5PM-8PM, open house style. More information coming soon in the form of an ad.

In addition to those preparations, I, of course, have been homeschooling my kids. They are on Day 41 of lessons and it is going really well. I am proud of both of them and how well they are doing. It does, however, take a large chunk of my day where I am totally focused on them, so my days just got shortened for other endeavors.

Construction is going slow but well. The studio/office is now primed and ready for paint. The other construction on my house continues as well...stone is going up on the foundation and porch pillars, the workout room and new mudroom are getting primed...lots going on. There just isn't enough time in the day. Thank God for friends who are willing to help!

With the transition of seasons comes another whole mess...going through fall clothes for the young ones and sorting out what they have and what they have outgrown over the year. I have to do the same with my clothes as I have lost so much weight I am still having to buy new clothes and pass on others.

There is one other HUGE event that getting ready to take place, but unfortunately, due to contracts, I can't tell you what that is about until after the fact. It is amazingly exciting and I am looking forward to it, but it is overwhelming me tremendously as I have to prepare my home for guests in a very short time. More info about that to come as I am allowed to share.

Anyway...just wanted to check in as I have had many people send me messages checking on me. Thank you! I appreciate your concern...I'm ok, just trying to live life the best I can each day :)

Hugs to all!

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