Sunday, October 11, 2015

Friends That Blow Bubbles Together Stick Together

I am so glad I finally found time to create again. I have been so swamped with homeschooling, work, and construction that I haven't been able to dedicate time to creating lately. When I came across this vintage girl and her adorable dog, I couldn't resist even though it took me days to complete. My Lyme is acting up and I am having trouble with my fine motor skills in my hands again. So, it takes me a long time to complete a piece like this one, working 15 minutes at a time, giving my hands plenty of breaks in between. Controlling a mouse is an arduous task when my hands are like this. Heck, even typing is an issue.

Things aren't going to be slowing down much, so I've got to grab time when I can. My work will be featured at The Gallery at 122 Main until October 31 (to benefit The National Capital Lyme Association)  and I will be showing some new pieces at Arts By the Bay in November (more details coming about that later). I am taking a trip to Las Vegas next week (hoping to get some great photography opportunities) and my Artful Blogging article comes out November 1. After all of that we enter Thanksgiving and Christmas rush! Being busy is good, I just have to remember what my body can handle and take care of myself, a feat I am not always very good about. I am adding some "bucket list" items to my professional list, so I will be working towards making those goals come true. One is to enter a juried show and another is to make it on to a show like PBS's Artworks. Lofty dreams, but the only way to achieve them is to go for it!

This piece was created with many, many layers. It started with the vintage girl and her pup. I removed them from the background of the original vintage photo and then painted them in photoshop to add color to the black and white original. Then, I collaged in a found background (from a public domain site where artists share their work for others to use) and then changed it a bit to fit my needs. Next, I created the floor using several textures and then painted it in Corel Painter Essentials. I imported the floor into photoshop as another layer, combining it with the background wall. I then imported a picture of a chair and balloon, modified it to fit my needs, layered the girl and pup on top, and then added the bubble gum. I added shadows and light in photoshop, and then I layered three papers: a postcard with child writing on it; the word "secrets" cut out from a magazine (can you find it?); and an old stamped library due date plaque from the back of a book. This gives the piece the mixed media feel I was looking for. All of my pieces have a much deeper meaning to them than their quirky, sometimes whimsical surface, as does this piece. I will hold the meaning close to my heart unless you ask me in person and I will tell you the story.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday...hoping to be able to blog and create a little more this week!  xo

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