Monday, October 5, 2015

Images From the Opening Reception

Several of you who couldn't make the opening Friday night have requested I share photos with you. Thanks to several of you who were so kind as to send me these images.

In addition to the Cecil Whig article, this came out in the Cecil Guardian.

Prior to the show...Me and the twins waiting for 5PM!
Gallery Owner, Carol, and Janet from Harford Lyme Advocates with my work in the background.
Used with permission from Dave Scarbrough

"The Orange Wall"- Some of my work displayed at The Gallery at 122 Main
Used with permission from Dave Scarbrough
My husband, Brian and oldest daughter, Brenna at the show.
Used with permission from Dave Scarbrough

The Harford Lyme Advocate table with Janet answering questions and giving out important information.

The Orange Wall again

Beautiful banner displays by The National Capital Lyme Disease Association 

Chatting with guests about my work and my story with Lyme disease.

I had the pleasure of meeting and exchanging cards with several artists. Jessica St. Clair has work next door
at The Page and The Pallette and will be showing at Arts By the Bay in November.

Chatting with friends who took the time to come out on a rainy, gross evening!

Answering guest questions about my work.

Janet answering questions about Lyme Disease

Having a good time!

The twins were drawing, greeting people, and "collecting signatures" from all the people.

Discussing the process I use when creating certain pieces.

Dinner at the Irish Pub with good friends after the show

Have a beautifully blessed week!  xo

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