Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pearls on a String

We are worth more when we work together to create something that is greater than ourselves. This premise keeps resurfacing for me this week. First, I took the twins to a homeschool class at Walter's Art Museum in Baltimore this past Thursday. Their lesson was on an exhibit called Pearls on a String and the concept behind the exhibit is that when people work together and pool their individual talents, it creates something even better than a single person could create; or basically, that a string of pearls is more beautiful and valuable than a single pearl. They learned about patrons, writers, and artists and how they all work together to create art, inspiring each other and enhancing each other's work. The exhibit focused on art from the historic Islamic regions of the world, which is why the sign to the entry of the exhibit, features Islamic writing. The tour guide gave the parents a tour as well and she told us that the words cut out of glass say Pearls on a String and then the artist created other words about humanity inside the glass like "compassion" and "giving. The kids enjoyed the exhibit and their time at the Museum.

Today I had the opportunity to join in with two of my friends to deliver Christmas presents. We pooled our money and were able to purchase gifts for two families that would not otherwise have had much this Christmas. It was the same concept at work...if we pool our resources and work together, we can make something bigger than ourselves happen by providing a Christmas for others and pass on some blessings and happiness along the way.  Pearls on a string...

If you have an opportunity, I recommend you stop in to the Walter's to see this exhibit. It was quite interesting, especially in a historical context with the events happening in today's world with tensions in that region.

My mother arrived in town today and will be spending the week with us, so if I don't see you all before Christmas, please know I am sending my warmest thoughts and wishes for a beautiful and blessed holiday.

Sending peace and love to all.

Merry Christmas!


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