Monday, January 18, 2016

The World Is Such a Small Place

Time and time again I am reminded just how small the world is. The other day on a real estate shoot, I was greeted by the owners as I entered their house. The male looked very familiar to me, but then again a lot of people look familiar to me, so I didn't say anything.

About 15 minutes into the shoot, after chatting a while with the couple as I moved room to room, the gentleman says, "Did you used to be a teacher?"

Stunned, because yes indeed, I did used to be a teacher, I said, "YES! You look familiar...were you a teacher?" In my prior life, in 1994 to be exact, I graduated from Towson University and moved to Harford County to teach elementary school.

"No," he said. But maybe you taught my children.  Where did you teach?"
After telling him the locations where I've taught he informed me that his kids never attended any of those schools, so that couldn't be it.

I continued on my way through their house, shooting each room, until during another discussion I mentioned that I used to live in Abingdon, the same general location where this house was.  "Really?" he said. "Where about?"

"Box Hill," I replied.

"Ha!" he said. "I did too!"

"Maybe that is why you look familiar," I said.

"Maybe." he said. But he still didn't sound convinced.

Finally, toward the end of the shoot, he asked, "Did you used to tutor by any chance?"

"Yes!" I said. "I ran my own tutoring business for 13 years!" After I stayed home to raise my children, I began tutoring children to make ends meet. I ran my business for 13 years and loved it.

He laughed and said, "I figured it out. You tutored my daughter years and years ago!  The funny part is that it wasn't your face that looked familiar. Your voice gave it away."

"My voice?" I questioned.

"Yes. You have a teacher-voice. It's not bad, but very distinct. I wouldn't forget that voice anywhere. I remember you were a very good tutor and you had a very specific way of teaching and you were strict about how she did her work."

I laughed. "Yes, I had a specific method that was proven to help kids. I hope I was able to help her and that she was successful."

"Yes, she is. She graduated college, is doing well, and is now getting her masters."

It is so funny how people come in and out of your life. It turns out that his ex-wife and the mother of his daughter that he was referring to, contacted me the day after this. He must've told her that he ran into me and she reached out to me with an email. She told me that she and her daughter also have chronic Lyme disease and have found success with their treatment. She offered for me to join a Facebook page of a friend of hers who runs a support/information group for Lyme disease sufferers. I know these people were brought back into my life for a reason and am thankful to hear how a former student of mine is doing.

Life is good, is it not?

Have a beautiful Monday and happy MLK day!


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